Deer Creek Pilot: We can’t endorse

We are not sure that newspaper endorsements mean what they once did, but if a weekly newspaper is going to make an endorsement in a race as momentous  as that for president, with election day on Tuesday, now is the time and this is the place for that paper to do so.

And yet, in this year, in this presidential election, we at this weekly newspaper find that we cannot. We simply cannot, in good faith, in clear conscience, recommend to our readers any one of the field of candidates—perhaps the weakest in the history of the republic—for the highest office in the land and the leader of the free world.

While there are other minor party candidates on the ballot, the unsettling fact is that either Democrat Hillary Clinton or Republican Donald Trump is going to be elected the next President of the United States. One of them may be capable, but neither of them is worthy.

Trump is a boorish, uncouth, unstable, nationalistic narcissist, who flirts far too seamlessly with fascism. The sad truth is the man does not know what he doesn’t know and has demonstrated a great resistance to listening to anyone else who might.
When you are the most powerful man in the world, that alone makes you the most dangerous man in the world.

Clinton, on the other hand, is perhaps the penultimate political hack, who in every single thing she thinks, says or does, has the effect of exuding the always cheap-smelling perfume of unbridled ambition within an unventilated room. Regardless of her wealth and trappings and pathways through power, the transition from woman to lady has somehow never been completed, and now she is viewed—not totally without merit, as ethically compromised and morally bankrupt.

As a public figure, Clinton is qualified to be president; as a human being, she is not.
In true Shakespearean sense, both are tragically flawed, yet one of them will be president and we fear the country will suffer for it.

So to this fool’s choice, let us add but the following: It is our belief that the United States could survive, not prosper, but survive four years of a Clinton presidency; we are uncomfortably less confident about a Trump one.

The Deer Creek Pilot, Rolling Fork


Author: MPA Inkblots

A blog from the Mississippi Press Association, the trade group for 110 member newspapers and over 80 related websites.

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