Calculating your best revenue area for new subscribers

By Lewis Floyd

Floyd, Lewis
Lewis Floyd

There was a time we went after circulation at “damn the expense – full subscriptions ahead.” The understanding was the cost of delivery was offset by ad revenue. Then advertisers decided that “all circulation was not equal.” As more advertisers came to this conclusion, ads or inserts declined as they were specified for areas the advertiser believed worked best for them.

As revenue declined, expenses were cut. In some cases publications pulled out of areas not generating ad revenue; in other cases subscribers quit from a lack of advertising or due to things they liked being removed from the publication.

In response to these declines, publications cut more expenses, increased subscription rates, and the circle began again with more cutbacks from advertisers. This is a cycle we must stop to survive, so how do we go about it?

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‘Fake news’ rally cry arrives in Mississippi

By Charlie Mitchell

Charlie Mitchell

OXFORD — State Rep. Andy Gipson (R-Braxton) has his toga in a knot because a Delta newspaper publisher offered his opinion — opinion — that Gipson, who chairs House Judiciary B, went too far in mixing religion and public policy.

On a Facebook page (Mississippi Responsible Journalism Initiative) he launched earlier this month, Gipson says the column by Ray Mosby of Rolling Fork’s Deer Creek Pilot, pushed him into action. Gipson said he will spearhead a quest enlisting citizens to expose journalists who fail to verify facts before publishing.

Last week, Gipson said 28,000 people, similarly fed up, had signed on. (Note: This figure is being repeated without verification.)

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President’s Column: Roast a big success; attention turns to convention

By Don Norman

Norman, Don
MPA President Don Norman

STARKVILLE — The year started off for our Association with another successful roast to benefit the MPA Education Foundation and Mid-Winter Conference with terrific sessions on sales techniques and revenue growth.

Roasting Clarion-Ledger cartoonist Marshall Ramsey was a blast for those of us in the audience and a dream come true for some of the politicians on the panel. Gov. Phil Bryant, in particular, seemed to really enjoy the chance to turn the tables on the honoree.

Marshall, as expected, took it like a champ and gave as good as he got. He’s been a fixture on the panel for many years, and it was fun to see him in the spotlight. A couple of the roasters showed off some of their own artwork in an attempt to prove what Marshall does is actually pretty easy. But we know better.

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