Tariffs will prove costly for more than just newspaper industry

By Bill Jacobs

Bill Jacobs

Mississippi’s old-line newspaper publishers most definitely would be distraught of today’s media world as pointed out in Mac Gordon’s recent guest column (Sunday, June 17) in the Clarion Ledger. They would be further distraught about proposed tariffs on Canadian newsprint that may be disastrous for newspapers across Mississippi — especially the local community ones located in small towns across the state. The ones your friends and neighbors edit and publish. The ones many communities have depended on for generations and will be especially hit hard. Frankly, some newspapers could fold! Others will be forced into further cutbacks.

For sake of clarity this tariff is not as a result of the President’s recently imposed Canadian aluminum and steel tariffs but instead the result of a complaint filed by a New York hedge fund-owned newsprint mill in Washington state last year. And while Trump may have not have initiated this tariff, any effort by his administration to intercede is highly unlikely.

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How to mitigate increased newsprint costs

By Sam Fisher

Sam Fisher

Newspaper publishers and owners across the country are wondering what moves they can make to remain financially viable if the preliminary newsprint tariffs become permanent.

Do we look at making deeper cuts in expenses, which unfortunately we’ve become pretty adept at doing for the last 15 years, or do we look at ways to increase revenue, and that’s something that has been problematic. Ultimately, I believe it has to be a combination of both.

Every newspaper is unique, but what is common is the need to mitigate any further damage to our already wounded brand. I’ve always contended that even with the changes that we’ve endured, our brand is still viable, so caution should be taken when it comes to implementing any of these changes because some of the options could potentially be harmful. The key is to cause the least amount of disruption to your brand.

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We used to be better than this

“The fault, dear Brutus, lies not in our stars, But in ourselves that we are underlings.”


Ray Mosby

ROLLING FORK — If we are going to consider ourselves and call ourselves “the civilized world,” then we are going to have to act like it.

My mother was a lot of things, some of them psychologically interesting, but she was also an English teacher. A good one. One that knew not only that words mattered, but that sometimes words mattered more than anything else.

And both she and my father shared a common belief that parents were obliged to instill in their children and reinforce through their own actions a simple and non-negotiable rule of behavior: females were both required and obliged to act like ladies and males were required and obliged to act like gentlemen.

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