BrandingForward: Class to map future positioning of local newspapers

Alexander Gould (foreground) and the campaigns class at the Meek School of Journalism and New Media. (University of Mississippi photo)

By Alexander Gould

The majority of us operating community newspapers have built our operations to support the area businesses that are the life blood of our community. We celebrate their successes and are concerned for their setbacks. We are constantly having conversations with business owners and managers about the best and most efficient ways to market themselves.

Who within our own operations is taking the time to think about how best we market ourselves? Or more importantly, who has time to ask and answer that question?

Many of us are not just operating a newspaper, we are operating a media company. Of course we have our print newspaper, but we also have a robust website, a total market coverage (TMC) paper and in many cases a magazine. For many of us we are expanding our media companies to include a suite of digital marketing services.

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