To say it’s been an interesting 27 months is an understatement

By Paul Keane

Keane, Paul
Paul Keane

WAYNESBORO — Man, 27 months can go by quickly, with plenty of things changing in the process.

Twenty-seven months ago, I wasn’t a grandfather. This past Mother’s Day weekend, our grandson turned 2.

Twenty-seven months ago, I was still in my rookie year of full-fledged newspaper ownership. Now, I have enough battle scars, bumps and bruises to take on the appearance of a life-long owner.

Twenty-seven months ago, I received the call from MPA Executive Director Layne Bruce that then-current MPA President Don Norman had announced his retirement from the newspaper business. That meant I was being elevated to MPA President roughly 15 months earlier than we had expected. To say it’s been an interesting 27 months would be a gross understatement.

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We need your help to fight newsprint tariffs

By Paul Keane

Keane, Paul
Paul Keane

WAYNESBORO – To say that 2018 has been interesting for newspapers would be a gross under statement.

Right out of the gate, we all came together to successfully battle a House bill that would have allowed public notices to move out of newspapers and on to some obscure government website. The way all of our members rallied around the efforts to defeat that bill proved that print is still very much alive and that we carry quite a bit of influence in our state.

Before we could sit back and enjoy that victory, though, another challenge came from the federal level — this time in the form of tariffs on Canadian produced newsprint.

As many of you know, a small mill in Washington State filed a complaint with the Trade Commission claiming that Canadian-owned mills were guilty of countervailing and anti-dumping issues, basically saying that those mills were offering American customers newsprint at below the cost to produce it.

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Plan to attend ArkLaMiss; Do your part to protect public notices in print

By Paul Keane

Keane, Paul
Paul Keane

WAYNESBORO — Fall is approaching (I promise, at least some time soon), which means thoughts for most newspapers start turning to holiday promotions and trying to finish the year strong.

While still in the throes of football season, though, there are plenty of opportunities for members to benefit from MPA programs being scheduled for the rest of the year and into 2018.

Up next on the calendar is the ArkLaMiss Circulation Conference in Vicksburg. Scheduled for Nov. 9-10 this year at the Ameristar Resort and Casino, the program is always beneficial to members. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve heard attendees say that one nugget gleamed from the conference helped pay for the entire event on their end.

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President’s Column: Roast a big success; attention turns to convention

By Don Norman

Norman, Don
MPA President Don Norman

STARKVILLE — The year started off for our Association with another successful roast to benefit the MPA Education Foundation and Mid-Winter Conference with terrific sessions on sales techniques and revenue growth.

Roasting Clarion-Ledger cartoonist Marshall Ramsey was a blast for those of us in the audience and a dream come true for some of the politicians on the panel. Gov. Phil Bryant, in particular, seemed to really enjoy the chance to turn the tables on the honoree.

Marshall, as expected, took it like a champ and gave as good as he got. He’s been a fixture on the panel for many years, and it was fun to see him in the spotlight. A couple of the roasters showed off some of their own artwork in an attempt to prove what Marshall does is actually pretty easy. But we know better.

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