Good eggs like Joel don’t come in a dozen

Executive Director

Bruce, LayneWhat I remember most about that night is hitting the mailbox. Oh, and the guy sitting next to me getting carsick from the volatility of my admittedly awful driving.

It was the middle of the evening in the middle of nowhere in Barren County, Ky.

Joel and I had been on the road for several hours trying to deliver that day’s paper. Due to a somewhat historic drought of carriers in the circulation department at the time, he and I had been drafted to get a couple of the afternoon newspaper’s daily routes delivered. It took two of us because I wasn’t even from Barren County and had no idea where I was going.

Joel, however, knew Barren County like the back of his hand.
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Changing of the guard comes with the territory

By Layne Bruce
Executive Director

Bruce, LayneIn the latest edition of MPA’s newsletter, Fourth Estate, is a column by MPA President Joel McNeece describing some of the lasting relationships his association with this Association has afforded him.

I can relate.

Joel and I first met at a Mid-Winter Conference nearly 20 years ago after he’d gone to work for Wyatt Emmerich at The Winona Times. Joel and I shared a connection through Tim James, the publisher in Winona at the time who had also once employed me in Eupora at the Webster Progress-Times.

I learned sitting across the table from him that night at the conference that Joel’s a man of measured words and temperament. I typically run somewhat counter to that, often at my own peril. I often keep talking long after I should have shut up. In fact, first encounters between me and anyone who’s parsimonious with speech usually ends with me having talked way too long and soaked in my own flop sweat.

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